About the Milamu Team
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Milamu I About Us

About Milamu

Here at Milamu, we are mothers, a grandmother and a daughter-in-law, working together to create a unique chic comfortable range of clothing for toddler girls.

Our little princess, “ Mooiste Milan” was the inspiration to this journey we are embarking on.  As a mother I, Mareli, was constantly looking for clothing that is unique and absent from colorful cartoon characters to dress Milan in…the shops just did not deliver what I was after.   Online I was able to find images of beautifully styled toddler girls, but with no easy  way of ordering the clothes…so why not bring this online platform of unique chic comfortable toddler clothing to South Africa we asked?

Why are we different you might ask… We design and manufacture classic clothing pieces for chic little toddlers who still want to play around whilst looking fashionable.  We don’t make large volumes of an item, so if you love what you see we suggest you move a long and grab that piece.  We hand pick our selection of fabrics and each piece is made locally by the Milamu manufacturing team which is lead by the love and care of a Grandmother, Saartjie.  Saartjie has carried the dream of creating a clothing range in honor of her children for the last 30 years…now the dream has materialised in honour of her first grandchild.

Disclaimer: Buttons, zips etc might be slightly different than advertised due to availability, we will endeavour to retain the overall look of the design of the products as advertised.